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DesficalisationWhen you purchase a canvas on our website, we deliver you all the certificates that will allow you to process to tax exemption and therefore reduce your income taxation, on the company for professionals or otherwise, on ISF, French solidarity tax on wealth.

Tax exemption for art works is one of the best investments to provide tax benefits.

 It also has the advantage to combine pleasure with tax savings.

Art works may indeed be estimated at only 5% of the heritage given within an estate, if no public sale has been realized during the two years following the death, the art work would then be estimated at a lesser value.


Art works are exempted from ISF : this may allow to avoid going above the well-known treshold of 720 000 €.

The same principle applies in the case of IFS : these costs which actually represent patrimonial surplus allow to reduce highly taxable benefits.

In case of resale, the art work's purchase is exempted from surplus, initially set at 27%, is cancelled after a period of 12 years and an abatement of 10% is granted every year after two years of keeping it.